Keke drivers, restaurants, stores… more and more
merchants are using KePay app to build, run, and grow their

With KePay app you can enjoy


Fast Payment

You receive money in just one click.
With KePay app, you can take care of more customers at the same time. Simply place your QR code at the cashier front for a customer to scan and pay.


Less Trouble

It saves you the time of calculating the change for your customers. It also helps with the
problem of fake Naira bills and POS failure. KePay app is effective and reliable.


Safety & Security

Your money goes directly to your KePay wallet, it is safe to collect, count and save your money. KePay app secures your money in your wallet, to cash out, easily link/band your Kepay app to your bank card, and with one click transfer/withdraw/move your money to your bank account/another Kepay account.


Business Developing

Explore more financial tools that KePay app will provide you with, easily grow and
expand your business with ease.

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KePay App

Your safety is our priority. With KePay financial protection, get the convenience you want without worrying money security.

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