KePay is built for everyone to enjoy fast and safe mobile payments. Pay cashless and cardless wherever you go, money transfer can be just as easy as it is on Kepay!

Learn how KePay works



Pay your Keke & bus rides with KePay, no worries about changes.



Pay your utility fees, top up your data and airtime online through your KePay account, no
waiting and low service fee.



Transfer: enter your friends or families’ KePay account number, the transfer will be done within 1 second.



Pay your goods, foods, hotel, ticket, airplane… by showing your KePay QR code, save your

Get started with KePay

Download & Register

Download KePay from Google Play Store and register with your phone number, verification code and a 6-digit password.

download kepay
download pay and collect kepay

Pay & Collect

Scan QR code to pay or make transfers with no service fees. You can as well collect payments with KePay, simply click “Collect” and provide your collection QR code.

Withdraw & Recharge

You can withdraw from KePay. All you need to do is to click “Withdraw” and add a bank account. Same goes when you need to Recharge your KePay account:
a. Recharge KePay balance: with Current Balance, bank card or bank account, and Top up card.
b. Recharge Current balance: with bank card or bank account

withdraw collect kePay

Download your
KePay App

Quick money transfer to friends, families and shop owners easily with KePay. Keep on track of your payments wherever you are.

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